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Interchangeable Window Counter Mats

All Window Mat Countermats offers the largest selection of Interchangeable Window Counter Mats. By combining high-quality rubber counter mat material with a durable plastic surface, our custom Window Counter Mats are strong and long-lasting. Window Mats are designed to allow graphics, advertising, and promotional inserts to be easily inserted inside the mat so the message can be changed as often as needed for special promotions, seasonal ads, calendars, etc. They are equally useful for employees who need quick access to reference information. Window Counter Mats serve as an effective counter top protector while at the same time using this valuable store real estate to promote your brand and products. One counter mat does it all. Subsurface printing ensures your image will remain vibrant. In-stock ready to ship or custom printed - we have it all. Available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials to meet any budget.

MagnetMats™ - Magnetic Edge Window Window Mats

Magnetic Counter Mats

MagnetMats™ are Interchangeable Magnetic Window Counter Mats. These versatile insert-style magnetic counter mats will keep your important information viewable, organized, and safe from daily elements that could be organizer does it all. Subsurface printing ensures your image will remain vibrant and untarnished, while our unique magnetic-frame construction keeps contents clean and in place. Available in Lift-Top and Slide-In Window versions.

Lift Top Insert Countermat

Retail store owners will find the Lift-Top Insert Counter Mat extremely useful near any point of purchase location. Advertising material, daily specials, legal notices, store policies, etc. are conveniently located at the customer's fingertips. Easily change your ad message as often as you like by simply lifting up the see-thru protective cover.

Slide-In Window Counter Mat

Slide-In Window Counter Mats offer the ultimate in flexibility. Sealed on three sides, one edge is left open for insertion of ad messages, photos, calendars, sales sheets, posters, or other graphics. Perfect for any front desk, service counter or retail outlet, these durable counter top pads protect the counter surface, drive impulse purchasing decisions, build on existing promotions, and are an effective, inexpensive way to display your marketing message. Custom window locations available. Choose from your choice of rubber, vinyl, lo-tac adhesive, or super thin backings.

Ultra Thin Insert Countermat

Need an economical counter mat? Try out Ultra Thin Window Insert Counter Mats. Store owners will find this mat extremely useful near any point of purchase location. The thin vinyl base and superior vinyl surface make this mat attractive, functional, and economical. Store owners can maximize their advertising dollars using valuable countertop space with this mat. This mat is super thin and super economical.

Adhesive Window Countermat

Adhesive Window Mats are an economical hard surface counter mat that is printed on a unique non-slip lo-tac adhesive base. This repositionable counter top pad is thin and lightweight, reducing overall cost. The non-skid adhesive base will not leave sticky residue. It can be easily updated with the latest marketing ads or information sheets, simply by inserting a new graphic. Perfect for short-term promotions or where a low-profile counter mat is needed.

Economy Window Countermat

Economy Window Mats are a budget-friendly hard surface counter mat that is mounted on a medium-duty rubber base. This synthetic rubber base is up to 55% lighter than our standard heavy duty rubber counter mat material, but is durable, odorless, and latex-free. Save substantially on the product cost and shipping, without sacrificing quality.

Calendar Window Countermat

Our Calendar Window Counter Mat allows annual removable calendar inserts to be easily and quickly updated with the latest advertising or product specials. Great for convenience store, banks, retail outlets, auto parts stores, restaurants, or any point of purchase location. It can be easily updated with the latest marketing ads or information sheets, simply by inserting a new graphic.

Small Quantity Window Counter Mats

Perfect for orders of 100 pieces or less, WindowMats To Go™ allow you to insert your information (advertising, specials, pricing, instructions, etc.) into the window for an instant custom counter mat. Choose from three sizes and two colors, all with durable clear matte surface and heavy duty rubber base. These mats are in stock and ready-to-ship.

Want to display promotional ads to your customers? Interchangeable Window Counter Mats by make an effective and attractive counter top display. We can custom print your company's logo and advertising message on the counter mat surface or graphic insert poster. Call or e-mail us for details.

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